Friends of TigerVision

Introducing – Friends of TigerVision

Entering it’s 9th year of operation, TigerVision has continuously pushed the envelope in what is available in broadcasting at the streaming level. Awarded #1 Best Overall Stream and #1 Best Sports Stream in the world in 2018, TigerVision has always strived to provide our viewers with the best available broadcast experience – free of charge.

Riding the cutting edge of broadcast technology has one major setback : Costs. The average cost to run a TigerVision football broadcast in 2018 was over $8,000. Keep in mind that TigerVision is a volunteer organization – that number includes no employee compensation.

In previous years we have relied solely on commercial (corporate) advertising to offset (some) of the costs of production. In 2020, we’re asking our fans directly who enjoy TigerVision to help make the vision possible. In the 2018 football season TigerVision was watched over 54,000 times alone. Imagine the level of fundraising we could achieve if we received even $1 from every fan!

With your support, we can continue the vision and provide our student-athletes with the recognition they deserve. Donations are tax deductible.


TigerVision Key Broadcast Features

-New 4k Cameras  – You might have noticed the picture looks a bit clearer. We’ve upgraded to some “big boy” cameras. New for 2020!

-Multi-angle instant replay with slow-motion – Capturing every play from every angle

-Display Graphics – Down, distance, game clock, score, lower thirds and bottom line “ticker” of scores from around the area

-Live Streaming to YouTube – Broadcasting events LIVE throughout the world with the ability to look back and watch years from now

-Pregame, Halftime, and Post-game shows – Recapping the action on the gridiron while sharing other news from Palmetto High (Academics, Other sports)

-Rich Talent Pool – 4 Broadcasters (Play-byplay, 2 Color Commentators, Sideline Reporter) cover the action with sideline reports from the field of play


If you would like to remain anonymous while providing your donation, please notate so in the comment section at checkout.